Friday, December 19, 2014

Tom Scott And Friends New York 1981

Tom Scott And Friends New York 1981
The Bottom Line New York 


01.Apple Juice 
02.Gonna Do It Right 
03.Member intro ~ Intimate Stranger ~ Suite
Part 2 - A Day And Nite Out Together 
04.Dirty Old Man 
05.In My Dreams 
06.Gettin' Up 
07.Dahomey Dance 
08.Easy Life 
09.So White And So Funky (ft.Dr.John on vo) 
10.Instant Relief 
11.You're Gonna Need Me


Tom Scott Horns 
Richard Tee Keyboards 
Steve Gadd Drums 
Ralph McDonald Percussions
Eric Gale Guitar 
Hugh McCracken Guitar 
Marcus Miller Bass


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

Tito-Surf said...

I've tried many times and I think the links doesn't work well.
Thank You for all the jazz concerts we love so much.

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

looks like they removed it from the sever sorry about that

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

New Link

Tito-Surf said...

Thank You, It looks like a real "all stars band".
I look forward to hearing this concert.
All The Best

Darcy said...

Brilliant! Tom's "Apple Juice" LP was recorded in the same venue the following 3 days. So great to hear this group working through those same songs. Many thanks for posting!

AZ Jones said...

Wow!!! This looks cool, but the link is dead. Is there any way you could re-upload it? Thanks!