Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Impressions Of New York Frankfurt 2011

Rolf Kühn / Joachim Kühn / John Patitucci / Brian Blade
Impressions Of New York Revisited live at 42nd 
German Jazzfestival Frankfurt 2011


Rolf Kühn | cl 
Joachim Kühn | p 
John Patitucci | b 
Brian Blade | dr

Recorded live at HR-Sendesaal
Frankfurt, October 29, 2011 


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

bho wani said...

Very nice ! Kuhn is definitely a great clarinet player. Thank you.

Antonio (Italy) said...

Is there anyone that can give the titles of the 8 tracks? Thanks.

Antonio (Italy) said...

Any one knows the titles of the 8 tracks?
Thanks in advance!
- Tony