Monday, December 28, 2015

Michel Petrucciani Umbria jazz Festival 1991

Recorded At Umbria Jazz Festival 
Perugia Tirreno Teatre 1991


04.Piango, Pay The Man
05.Round Midnight
06.O Nana Oye


Michel Petrucciani - Piano
Victor Jones - Drum
Steve Logan - Bass
Adam Holzman - Synt ,keyboard
Abdou M'boup - Percussion


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

Chico said...

Hi - thanks for all your efforts! Having trouble with this one tho - something about data encryption error when I try to unzip it. Got the one from Lugano 1988 with no problems. Just thought I'd mention it - looks like a great show.

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

do you have it fully downloaded

Name: Michel Petrucciani Umbria jazz Festival 1991.rar
Size: 99.37 MB

Chico said...

I believe so - I actually tried downloading it twice and same thing occurred each time. Who knows? Computers. I'm no expert but I've downloaded lots and lots and lots. I'll try one more time - appreciate you taking the time to respond. Again - thanks so much for all your posts - great job!

Chico said...

Third time's a charm. Listening now. Thanks again. (Not sure what the issue was - prob something on my end.)