Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kurt Rosenwinkel Frankfurt Germany 2015

Kurt Rosenwinkel With The HR Big Band
Sendeshal Frankfurt, Germany
Both Sets

Kurt Rosenwinkel-Guitar
HR Big Band
Conducted by Mike Holober

Set 1

1- Homage to Mitch
2- Brooklyn Sometimes
3- Interscape
4- Mike Holober speaks
5- Heavenly Bodies
6- Mike Holober and Kurt R speak
7- The Cross

Set 2

08- Opening Announcements
09- Filters
10- East Coast Love Affair
11- Mike Holober speaks
12- Star of Jupiter

Lineage- dvb-s 


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

Rick said...

Hello. Thank you for your nice blog and some great music.
But I don't understand why you have made it impossible to click on the download links, or even select the text for copy. So I have to type in each link by hand, and since it is a Helvetica font, the lower case L and I look the same, which causes confusion and frustration.
Have a nice day.

Badgerdude said...

Rick - Just click on the Comments, then copy the link and hit enter. As for the typing, above the link addresses is a link that says, "Show original post". Click on that and then you can copy the text and reformat it any way you wish.