Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sadao Watanabe Bebop The Night Japan 2013

Sadao Watanabe Bebop The Night 
Nagoya Bluenote, Japan 

Sadao Watanabe (Alto Saxophone) 
Aaron Goldberg (Piano) 
Nicholas Payton (Trumpet) 
Reuben Rogers (Bass) 
Obed Calvaire (Drums) 

1st show 
01. Groovin’ High 
02. Bird Of Paradise 
03. Gemmation 
04. Warm Days Ahead 
05. Ornithology 
06. Life Is All Like That 
07. Stardust(Fadeout) 

2nd show 
08. Tadd’s Delight 
09. Smokin’ Area 
10. What second line 
11. Ride On 
12. mooth the mooch 
13. Christmas song 
14. Treat ups(Fade Out) 

FM broadcast

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