Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Brad Mehldau Jazz à Vienne 2010

Brad Mehldau Solo, Jazz à Vienne 2010
Vienne France 2010-06-29


01 Bittersweet Symphony
02 Smells like a teen spirit
03 Teardrop
04 Dreambrother
05 Dis here
06 Things behind the sun
07 My Favorite Things

Running Time 01:04:57


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

peterhaslund said...

Hi there. So happy I finally found a place to listen to My Favorite Things form Vienne 2010. Heard it on Youtube and was blown away. So sad, it's gone. Can you please repost? I have no idea where to buy this CD/DVD and I just gotta have it to complement my old Coltrane version. Please!

peterhaslund said...

Hi, and thank you for posting this. I simply don't know where to buy or I would have done so immediately. Can you please repost if possible in FLAC? Or tell me where to buy) Thank you in advance.