Friday, October 14, 2016

Michael Wollny Trio Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014

Michael Wollny Trio - 2014-05-03
Cheltenham Jazz Festival

The Michael Wollny Trio 

The Playhouse 
The Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014 

BBC Broadcast 
12th May 2014 

Performance Date 3rd May 2014 

Michael Wollny, piano 
Christian Weber, bass 
Eric Schaefer, drums 
Contributors: Jez Nelson, John Fordham 

1.Discussion [2:02] 
2.Untitled [10:17] 
3.Be Free, A Way (The Flaming Lips) [5:08] 
4.Calls in the Listening Night (Rufe in der horchenden Nacht - Paul Hindemith) [7:46] 
5.When the Sleeper Wakes (Michael Wollny) [6:25] 
6.Interview [2:53] 
7.Nacht (Alban Berg) [4:28]


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