Friday, March 3, 2017

Dave Holland Salle Paderewski Lausanne 2016

Dave Holland Aziza @ Festival Onze Plus
4.11.2016 Salle Paderewski, Lausanne


01 Aziza Dance 
02 Aquila 
03 Blue Suite 
04 Veil of Tears 
05 Sleepless Night 


Dave Holland, b; 
Chris Potter, ts; 
Lionel Loueke, g; 
Eric Harland, d

Source: dvb-s 


Jazz Boot Experiment said...

hippocampe said...

Really I dont understand why the infos are unavailable

Paul Redbeard said...

Another great one - many thanks indeed! Best wishes, Paul said...

Not that I don't appreciate the music, I do. However NOT having your password copyable or consistent is a bit sticky. said...

Hello, this band is amazing, thank you for this one.
Could you please re-up the concert of the same band in Vittoria-Gasteiz in 2015 long time before they recorded Aziza.
Thank You

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

the password is on the site beside the chatbox